Pyramid construction with a rope roll. Theory of Franz Löhner

Links about pyramid construction

Scientific links - Museums and institutes - Photos and Paintings of pyramids - Harebrained theories about how the pyramids were built


Scientific links

The Giza plateau mapping project (GPMP)
- Computer-models if the Giza plateau. Results 1995 Giza plateau) and 1997-98 (pyramids and temples) - Pyramid quarries

The Sphinx Project

Building the great pyramid BBC

NOVA Pyramids
- View from the top of the Khufu-Pyramid (180° moving photo)
- Flying over the Giza-Plateau (Video 4.6MB)
- Cheops-Pyramid
- Map of the Giza Plateau

The upuaut project Gantenbrink's robots make a video inspection of the tiny shafts of the Cheops-Pyramid

Wikipedia about the pyramids of Giza

Building the great pyramids of Giza (Tour Egypt)

Pyramids of Giza and other pyramids (large list) (EgyptSites)

The guardian with maps and photos of the pyramid interior

List of links I / List of Links II / List of Links III

Mathematics of ancient Egypt

History of Egypt, Chaldea, Syria, Babylonia and Assyria By G. Maspero 1846-1916 (3 Volumes with illustrations - Gutenberg Organisation)


Museums und Institutes

List of museums


Cairo: Egyptian Museum, Cairo


Bolton: Museum of Egyptology

Cambridge: Newton Institute (University Cambridge)

London: British Museum Egyptian Department - about the Pyramids / Department of ancient Egypt and Sudan / Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archeology

Oxford: The Griffith Institute (about Tutankhamun, The Howard Carter Archives)


Paris: Egyptian Department of the Louvre


Atlanta: Collection of Ancient Egyptian antiquities (Michael C. Carlos Museum)

Boston: Museum of Fine Arts

Memphis: Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology

New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art / Brocklyn Museum

San José: The Egyptian Museum at Rosicrucian Park


Photos and Paintings of pyramids

Large List with photos, maps and structures of stones of the pyramids

Pyramids aerial photos (collection from Google Earth)

Sun shaded model of the pyramids in Google Earth (download possible)

Webcam Pyramids

Black and white photos from 1892. Journey through Egypt to Alexandria, Cairo, Gizeh, Saqqara, Fayum, Theben, Karnak, Luxor, Aswan, Philae (University Erlangen)

Collection of photos about the pyranids with good information. Illustrations by Charles Piazzi Smyth

Archaeogate: Black and white photos of the pyramids (Félix Bonfils / Felice Antonio Beato / Francis Frith / B. John Greene) and Egyptian temples (Maxime Du Camp / Heinz und Giorgio Leichter). Old maps and engravings oof the Gise-Plateau / Paintings of statues and temples by David Roberts

Pyramid Art: Pyramid with rays / floating pyramids / Pyramid forms made from stone / Pyramids and other geometric forms / Pyramid in water

Click here, to see how the Khufu-pyramid grows stone layer by stone layer (illustration T. Zuberbühler)


Harebrained theories about how the pyramids were built

The pyramid misteries (a critical website about many theories around the pyramids)

Agglomerated stone method / stones man-made (synthetics) cast in molds (Morris and Joseph Davidovits

Hydraulic pumps (WHTCP) suggests a straight vertical shaft with a hydraulically operated elevator platform to carry up the pyramid stones

The Great Pyramid as a Water Pump

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